Fleming Financial Services Inc. is a firm that provides solutions to some of the tough questions we face in life.  We all experience transitions in life, some more so than others.  From getting your first job, retiring from your last job or simply trying to get back on track after life has thrown you a curve ball, there will be transitions you may need help with.  Click on the red link to the right of each topic to learn more about our areas of experience.

Common Individual and Family Questions 

Will I have enough to retire? Accumulation Planning
Will my income last as long as I do? Income and Distribution Planning
How can I transfer to heirs most efficiently? Legacy & Protection Strategies
How do I prepare to not be a burden to my loved ones? Organizational Challenges
I just changed jobs.  What should I do with my old 401k? Rollover Options

Common Business Related Questions

How do I protect the value of my business and/or retain key employees? Succession Planning
Can we shelter additional income from current or future taxes? Retirement Plan Analysis
Is our benefit package cost efficient and competitively designed?  Benefits Analysis