Our Principles and Process

We have built our reputation with trust being the biggest and most important piece of the equation.  Second, we want to teach our clients to recognize and understand their own emotions surrounding their financial decisions.  Our holistic approach allows us to get to the root of your understanding.

Everyone views their money differently.  Because of this, we take the extra time to understand your personal and emotional connection to what you have.  We all need to recognize our connection and feelings towards our assets because this will help us understand why we are inclined to make the decisions the way that we do.  This is known as Behavioral Finance.  Many studies have shown and proven this relation exists and it is our goal to educate you about the impact it has on you and/or your family.  To do this, we utilize the following process to help uncover and understand where your most significant needs or concerns might be.

1) Introduction:  This is typically done by means of a referral from a trusted friend, family member or advisor.

2) Discovery:  We get to know what drives your decision making process.  This is done with multiple discussions to make sure we understand your propensities and personal goals.

3) Formalize: We research strategies and products that will complement our findings in the discovery process and provide a solution that makes sense to help your specific concerns.

4) Implementation: Start the formal paperwork process to enact the discussed planning.

5) Monitor and Review: Provide ongoing communications regarding the planning and provide periodic reviews to make sure things remain on track.