Coordination of Services 

The reason we chose to be a multi-disciplined firm is so we can take a holistic view of the potential risks you and/or your family will be subjected to.  Some of these risks you might be well aware of, others you may have never thought of.  Through our ongoing discussions, we coordinate the appropriate mix of products to help secure your own understanding. 

Every new client starts with a transaction and this is the first step in making what we hope to be a lifelong relationship of assisting you and your family.  As you move through life and face additional transitions, topics of concern will inherently present themselves.  Our goal is to discuss and address your concerns and make sure you have a coordinated plan that helps mitigate risk when possible.  When you have overall coordination of these areas, it will help provide an understanding of the risks you might encounter.  Discussing and preparing for these "what if" scenarios could prove to be priceless during your next transition.

Overall Coordinated Planning

We provide insight to help with the "Organizational Challenges" and make it easier on you and your loved ones. 

  • Organizational Tools to help "put your house in order"
  • Beneficiary Reviews
  • Aggregation of Accounts
  • Online Access to Monitor Accounts

Accumulation Planning

  • Portfolio Design and Analysis 
  • Tax Efficient Strategies for Accumulation
  • Perpetuation and Protection Strategies 
  • Asset Managers with no Proprietary Products

Income and Distribution Planning

  • Retirement Income Analysis
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Analysis to Maximize After-Tax Income
  • Guaranteed Income Solutions

Legacy Planning and Protection Strategies

  • Life Insurance Analysis
  • Long Term Care Analysis
  • Disability Income Analysis
  • Life Settlements

Coordination with your other Advisors: We will work closely with your other advisors to ensure a complete view of your financial life is being examined. We can work directly with other partners like accountants, attorneys and coaches in the following areas:

  • Tax Planning/Tax Preparation
  • Legal and Estate Planning 
  • Property and Casualty Insurance 
  • Business and Career Planning