Income and Distribution Planning

There are numerous solutions that help secure future income streams.  By starting with a Retirement Income Analysis we can identify where any weaknesses might be and work towards making sure your basic expenses are covered.  Our discussions address the risks and expenses that could affect your current and future income.  A few to consider when getting started are:

Investment Risk                                    Long Term Care Expense

Inflation risk                                          Medical Expenses

Longevity Risk                                      Taxes

While many of these same issues can affect your income during your working years, you may not notice their influence because you're not depending on your savings as a major source of income.  However, investment risk, inflation, taxes, and health-related expenses can greatly affect your retirement income.  Reviewing your current expenses will lay the foundation to implement strategies to maximize your income moving forward.

Once we identify your biggest concerns, we can then evaluate the current marketplace for products that will provide solutions to your individual scenario and help secure a portion of future income if you feel it is needed.  This aspect is highly customized and requires consultation.

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