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Legacy Planning

    Client Centered

    Making sure that assets pass efficiently to heirs is a concern for most. Life Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance can play a significant role in helping provide financial security for your loved ones. We can objectively review your existing coverage and provide insight to make sure it fits with your overall planning.

    • Life Insurance Re-Purposing
    • Beneficiary Review
    • Tax Efficient Strategies
    • Needs Analysis
    • Innovative Personal Care Solutions

    Many don't realize that viewing Life Insurance as a part of your portfolio is important and could help mitigate some of the taxes, risks or shortfalls that might be present when you pass. Life Insurance is one of the only assets that can currently pass to beneficiaries’ tax free when structured properly.

    Long Term Care Planning has changed significantly over the past several years. There are innovative "hybrid" products that now offer benefits that can be used for LTC purposes. Long term care coverage can act as a pool of money to be used in the event that nursing care is needed. This typically means that you might not have to tap into your own resources as quickly.

    Implementing and coordinating these additional layers of protection help provide a better understanding of the potential risks you or your family could face. They can also provide additional options and strategies to try to retain your assets so they can be passed on to loved ones.

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