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Our Philosophy and Process

Everyone views “their” money differently. This viewpoint is a culmination of personal experiences that shape our decision making process and relates to the theory of Behavioral Finance. Teaching our clients to recognize and understand their emotional reaction, surrounding their financial decisions, is a core component to long term success. We utilize the following process to help uncover what your most significant needs or concerns might be and equip you with the understanding to address them accordingly.

1. Introduction

The best compliment we can receive is a referral! We have an initial meeting to get to know you and your family dynamics so future solutions are appropriate. For us, we want to make sure we are a fit and can add value to your financial decisions making process.

2. Discovery

We take time to learn what influences your decision making process. This is done with multiple discussions to make sure we understand your risk propensities and personal goals. Expenses, Income, Investments, Existing Solutions and Goals are just a few of the items to review.

3. Formalize

We evaluate strategies and products that will complement our findings in the discovery process and provide an option that makes sense to help your specific concerns.

4. Implementation

Start the formal paperwork process to enact the discussed planning and provide diligent follow up on your behalf to ensure the transition goes as smooth as we can make it.

5. Monitor and Review

Provide ongoing communications regarding your planning and provide periodic reviews to make sure things remain on track. A well designed plan typically only requires periodic fine-tuning.

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